Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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                              Servants of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith 


The Ministry of our Priesthood


We are a Religious Order of individual priests and bishops united in planting the seed of salvation for the Lord; bringing home the people our life and ministry touches through our compassion and love and through our understanding and forgiveness. We labor in the field of Gods creation helping people through their hard times and fulfilling their spiritual needs, providing them with the sacraments of God blessing and graces. In our ministry we specialize in fulfilling the spiritual needs of the people on a more personal level through our one on one ministry.  


In our Ministry


We teach and educate the people on the Lord gospel, we baptize the faithful, we confirm the faithful with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and we counsel and bless their vows of marriage. We pray over and anoint their sick, in confessions we lessen to their sins and give them forgiveness and absolution, we pray over, comfort and bury their dead, and we ordain the ones who receive the Lords calling. All in all, we help bring people closer to God.


From our Ministry


Each of us find satisfaction and joy in our work, we experience disappointment and hardship at times but never more than what we can handle. From our ministry we find fulfillment and purpose for our life and happiness from the Lords blessing through our love for others. We even have fun at times when we associate and have fellowship with other clergy’s at spiritual retreats. Helping others and administering to them brings us great joy.


Our Reward


Jesus said “Do not store up treasures here on earth but store them up in heaven” we cannot always see the results of our work but we will know how many souls were saved because of our work in the ministry when we get to heaven; and great will be our rewards. How many people will come up to us in heaven and thank us for our involvement in their salvation?


Come and join our Order and find a spiritual home with us

With us you find fulfillment and purpose

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We will enter into dialog with any Christian Church that does not practice pagan ways, but remain faithful to Church tradition, history, and is faithful to the divine teachings of the Holy Scriptures (Bible).