Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Biblical Interpretation

     As Christians, as children of God, as faithful religious people, we are required to devote ourselves to daily prayer to read and study the Holy Scriptures as part of our love, loyalty, and acknowledgement of our Creator, God. To read the scriptures is to seek wisdom, and to study the scriptures is to receive enlightenment. To study the Holy Scriptures with the guidance of Mother Church is the correct and acceptable way. To study the Holy Scriptures by yourself without guidance of Mother Church, opens yourself up to Satan influence of incorrectly interpreting the Scriptures and creating incorrect and false man-made doctrines. The Protestant Churches is a fine example of this, over 2000 denominations each saying they have the correct teaching.

Satan Influence:

     It is Satan goal and purpose to lead people away from God and to create confusion in the minds of God’s people that creates separation and discord in God’s Church. Satan pops ideas into your head and leads you to false doctrines and teachings.  Even Church leaders are not immune from Satan influence for many Church leaders where influence during the dark ages and brought corruption into the Church. However, it is left to God to correct this corruption and punish those spiritual leaders who practice this corruption. But man in his ego and self-pride thought to correct this problem themselves without God and started the reformation.


     With corrupt Church leaders, Satan brought about the reformation by influencing the reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and others to take upon themselves, out of self-pride to fix the problem by abandoning God holy Church and start their own Church. Satan corrupted these men thinking and because of the reformation, there are now over 2000 Protestant denomination continuing to this day spreading false man-made doctrine using God divine passages from the Holy Scriptures to support their ideology.

     If the reformers were upset with the corruption in God holy Church, Mother Church of the West, they should have joined the Eastern Orthodox Church which is the other half of Mother Church. But instead they decided to abandoning God’s holy Church and start their own. Satan plan worked and he brought corruption into the Protestant Churches by introducing false man-made doctrine. Men minds are easily influence and Satan plan to split God Church worked in 1054 between the Eastern and Western half of Mother Church which the Holy Spirit resizes; and again in 1644 through the reformation bring about thousands of so called Christian Churches.

Mother Church:

     Mother Church is made up of two branches, the Western Catholic Churches and the Eastern Orthodoxy Churches, together they make-up Mother Church who has been given full authority by Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:19 and John 20:23 and John 14:26) and the Holy Spirit lives and works through Mother Church. First it was Paul who started Churches then later Peter came and recognized them all Churches of the West and East as the true Christian Churches, and past on Jesus authority to their bishops before his death. Because the Protestant reformers left and a banded God true holy Church the Holy Spirit abandon them and left them to their own delusions and ideology and that’s why there are over 2000 Protestants denominations.

     Because the Holy Spirit works through Mother Church, she retains the true doctrine and teaching of God. After two thousand years, Mother Church still remain as one true Church and both branches recognizes and are in communion with each other. Because Mother Church has the Holy Spirit that works through its bishops and this is why we need Church guidance to correctly and fully understand Church teachings.

     In Mother Church, no bishop can create a new Church doctrine. Church doctrine can only be created when the entire world of bishop come together as one body, one Church and with the working of the Holy Spirit can a Church doctrine be approved and created.

The Holy Scriptures:

    To study the Holy Scriptures can becomes very challenging, it’s not just reading the books of the Bible, there is so much involved, so much one needs to understand in order to make sure the study is done correctly. I like to review some of these challenges that our Bishops have to deal with to make sure that the doctrine is correct and of divine origin through the influence and inspiration of the Holy Spirit before it is created as a Church doctrine of faith.

+Language: The Bible is written in ancient Hebrew, Arabic, and in Greek and some of the words in these languages can be taken to have several meanings that can alter the authors true understanding and expression of his thoughts as he wrote the passage; so bishops must be careful to use the correct meaning of a word. It’s not easy to translate the scriptures from one language to another, for not all language have words expressing the same meaning. Many times the Bible Scholars rely on writing from other manuscripts written in the same language that help them understand the true meaning of a certain word. It require years of study in these languages and the average person of our society that make up the general public don’t have that training.

+Punctuation: The books of the Old Testament and New Testament are written as one long writing with out and punctuation like commas, periods, etc. The incorrect position of a comma or period in a passage can alter the meaning of that passage.

*Bible Passages:

     Now the bishops of Mother Church and their Biblical Scholars have figure out which passage can be taken literally, symbolically, in a story form or from a prophecy point of view. It’s very easy to read a passage and understand and take its meaning literally only to find out years later, that a more educate college person showed you your error and you discover you were wrong and that its meant to be taken symbolically. Education in the science of Biblical Studies is needed to truly understand the Holy Scriptures, and even Bishops and Biblical scholars will not take it upon themselves to interpret the passage alone by themselves; because there is no working of the Holy Spirit. It takes dedicated holy men (Bishops and Scholars), well-educated and trained to come together as one body, one church to create a new church doctrine (teaching). The two thousands Protestant denominations will never come together with their scholars to agree upon a signal point of doctrine because the Holy Spirit is not with them; it's all Satan deception leading Protestant people away from God's true holy Church.May I add that many of these miss guided Protests are innocense and are not aware of the

Working of the Holy Spirit:

     The Holy Spirit will not work his power of inspiration on any individual person or a groups of 12 men coming together to study. In matters of Church Doctrine the Holy Spirit will work his power of spiritual guidance and inspiration only through God’s chosen holy men (bishops) in God’s Holy Mother Church, and only when all the bishops come together in unity as one body and one Church, in Christ name.

     This is why the Protestant reformation declaration “sola scriptura” does not hold any authority because the Protestant interpretation of the Holy Scripture is not divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit, in matters of Church doctrine, only works through Mother Church.


Protestants Errors:

      You may click on the following links and learn of the errors the Protestant Churches have made and are still making. If you are unable to click on, then copy and paste the address. Many Protestants are not going to the kingdom of heaven because of the incorrect teaching of the Church and by not practicing correctly what Jesus said and established. Read the artless on "Water & Spirit."


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