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                      A Primer on Biblical Studies   

A Primer on Biblical Studies is a book written for those who love to study the Bible, for Sunday school teachers, pastors, ministers, seminary students, and all church members. Learn how the books of the Bible were collected and canonized by the early church fathers. Read about the various subjects and theories that Biblical scholars and theologians are faced with today. The author will explain the early writing materials used in the ancient world and manuscripts that are used by scholars to translate the Holy Scriptures into English, and the methods used for dating by archeologists and Biblical scholars.

The book covers and explains the various tools that scholars and people use to study the Holy Scriptures and do theological research. The Bible is not a human document but has the power to change human lives. The Bible was designed to raise man spiritual level of understanding, to bring about balance thinking. The Bible has the ability to transform human hearts, and bring about corrected living.

The author covers the subject called apology which is the science of defending God, and he explains the various ideologies used by non-believing college professors to disprove the existence of God. The Bible is like no other book, for no other book has been attached and analyzed in the history of man like the Holy Bible, and it has been proven to be indestructible.

This book is an educational book about the Bible, the most highly respected and most controversial book, and the most published book in the history of man. Without doubt the bible is the inspired word of God himself. A Primer on Biblical Studies is a great asset to any public or private home library and every person who loves God should own one.

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Table of Content

Chapter One: The Writings of the Holy Scriptures

Chapter Two: The Canonization of the Bible

Chapter Three: The Apocrypha Books

Chapter Four: The Language of the Bible

Chapter Five: Biblical Reference Skills

Chapter Six: Analysis and Criticism

Chapter Seven: The Early Church Fathers

Chapter Eight: Theology

Chapter Nine: Apologetics

Chapter Ten: Chronology