Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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     There must be an open dialog between all Churches, especially between Independent Bishops of the Old Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. These bishops are working God’s ministry, why would you not want to respect and accept them. All bishops need to practice trust, first in God then in the sincerity of the bishop whom they are having a dialog with; then have faith in God wisdom that there was a reason why God had made this person a bishop; and now its time for this bishop to be called back to Mother Church. “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Ps 133:1). Purge yourself of the mentality of those leaders of the middle Ages for that kind of thinking is long gone let us now all move toward unity.


     I have written to many Orthodox and Roman Catholic bishops and none of my brothers in Christ ever returned my greeting and blessings. They lack trust and faith and have become mistrusting bishops.  Most bishops of all Churches have developed and become paranoid about talking to other bishops outside the fold, in other word to other bishop not members of their community. This causes them to fail in their duty to Christ in following his command about brotherly love.  Christ had to face the Roman Soldiers and death, all of today bishops have to  face is another bishop, a brother of the faith and a new friend.

 What ninety  percent of these independent bishops want is respect, friendship and recognition so we can all work together. At the Second Vatican Council it was accepted the ideology of reaching out to our brothers and set up a dialog, yet I have seen very little evidence of this being practiced with the independent bishops here in the United States. Independent bishops are more closer to the teaching and practice of Mother Church than any other Christian Church, yet are ignored and shun.


     I would ask Mother Church to set up a dialog with these wandering bishops, check out their apostolic succession, their ministry, their thinking on church doctrine. I have talked too many of these Bishops, and the biggest issue is Celibacy. After that comes women ordination which I don’t agree. The next issue is their desire to pray the traditional Tridentine Mass in Latin or English. It seems that these issues can be resolved between Mother Church and these bishops. All we need is to start trusting each other, have hope, and go out and contact our brothers and talk. They don’t have to join Mother Church, but be recognized and be in communion in faith, yet allowed them to be autocephalous, this way we are all working together in God's ministry. These bishops will become your children churches.


     There are over 300 independent bishops in the United States alone, who can be in communion with Mother Church, and be her Children Churches; all moving together for the glory of God. We have enough problems with atheist, scientist, communist and other non-believers in the world, must we treat our brother bishop who teach and practice what mother Church does in the same manor and disassociate ourselves from them? Where is the teaching of Christ on Love one another as I have loved you, in doing this all will know that you are my disciples.”  Where is the love that should be shown to our brother bishops? After being checked out, start by recognizing their apostolic succession and their valid sacraments. Let us all practice trust, faith, and love. 

I would be happy to open a dialog with any of my brother bishops of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Independent Old Catholic and others. Put aside your mistrust and start talking, start communicating in the Holy Name of God.

Note: I personally know of bishops and archbishops who will not enter into dialog because of their ego and pride, with the attitude that their idea of God's teaching is right. Only God knows who is right, and we should never become separated because of ideas, concepts, opinions, doctrines and dogmas. No-one knows the truth if they are right or wrong, so just follow Jesus teaching and love one another as true Christians. Bishops and priests must learn to accept each others as they are with the understanding that neither your teaching or their teaching will help you obtain salvation. Only faith in Jesus Christ will save you so learn to find common grounds to work together in harmony for the Lords ministry.