Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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In the Light and the Love of God

     The soul is an intangible reality, a truth of a very real essence, within each individual that hungers to seek understanding and the reason for its existence, the purpose of its life and to ultimately seek its Creator and His love. God has given us a great gift in the act of forgiveness because with forgiveness we are all given a second chance to make things right.

“Praise God who keeps us alive and sustains us unto this moment.”


     The reason why people don’t believe in God is because their spirit was crust so they lost their faith, as for atheist it happen in their childhood long before they were able to reason things out for themselves. As for those who were once believer something happen in their life and their spirit was crust and they lost their faith. Now in order for them to believe again their spirit that God gave them must be put back together again and renewed and regenerated in the light and love that God. Do not be afraid, do not give up but reach out to Jesus Christ and accept his power to restore your faith once again. For those who never believed, reach out to god’s love and He will meet you half way and embrace you so you can believe and have faith.

Husband & Father:

     Many men think they know, but in reality they do not know that it’s a holy obligation to be a good and loving husband but also a good and loving father. As Christians and the children of God, we are commissioned to practice God love, practice His understanding and His forgiveness. The number one priority is the family, more than self, more than life itself. You love your wife and children, be their example and their guide in the light and love of God. You support your family, you protect them, provide for their needs, and greatest of all, you teach them the meaning of God love and show them how to practice God love by your example.

     Men are practical creatures of God that needs to think with their heart and not only with their mind and learn from their wife how to develop their emotions that will help them make better decisions for the good and well fair of the family. The family is a unit of which the father and mother is the head and guiding element of this unit and must act as one as their marriage vows makes them and move together for the happiness and survival of the family.


Wife and Mother:

     All through the history of mankind, woman was and always has been a creature of God endowed with great strength and emotions. The woman must learn to control their emotions and learn from their husband the sound practice of being practical at times when it is needed. A wick tongue can damage a marriage just like not feeling emotions when it is needed. The wife should always seek her husband advice and ideas in like manner the husband should seek wise counseling from his wife.

Both Spouse working together:

     The mother along with the father are the protector and the family, they are the teacher and educator of their Children. The healthy family unit is made of one father (male) and one mother (female) and their children that were born to them out of their love for one another; and at the very center of this family is Jesus Christ. The children ideology, education on life and the development of their character and inner core of their belief is in the hands of their parents. Each parent has a duty to God to see that their children grow up with the prime understanding, teaching, and practice of the divine character of God which is understanding, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and love; that they themselves practice these divine virtues in their own lives. In following this advice your children will grow up as productive and active citizens of our society. 


     All Priest share a common bond between each other and that is the love of Jesus Christ who taught us how to love and commanded us to love one another. All priest must pray daily and ask God to give them the power of the Holy Spirit to help them overcome their self-pride which stops them from practicing Christ teachings on brotherly love among all priests and bishops both those that are members and non-members of the Church for we are all children of God. The mental illness of self-pride that stops two bishops from expressing brotherly love for one another just because one is Roman Catholic and the other is orthodox, or because one is orthodox and the other is Old Catholic.

     Between ordain priest and bishops who have true Apostolic Succession no matter what Church they belong to there should never be a barrier or wall that prevents open brotherly love. I don’t understand how one bishop will not open up a dialog of friendship with another bishop that is outside his order and Church and still believe he is following Christ teaching on brotherly love. To love those who already love you in this you gain nothing, but to love a stranger is to gain much for you found another soul for God.

God’s Eternal Love:

     When seek, search and look very hard for God’s love, at the end you will find Him with his arm reaching out to you, meeting you half way so you may touch him and experience His divine love he has for you. Always know this that God loves you very much and His heart is always open to receive your love for him. Pray to him and acknowledge your love for Him and be prepared to receive his multitude of blessings, for what Father would not shower His love and blessing on his child whom He love so very much.

Reflecting God Image:

     When we meet and greet other people with compassion, understanding and forgiveness and share with them God’s love we are reflecting God image that is in our soul. Through every act of kindness to others we reflect God’s image shining outward from our soul. When we practice God’s love His blessing in our life showering us with prosperity, abundance and happiness. The feeling of happiness, well-being, and divine satisfaction is an experience like no other and moves you to want to do even more. There is no limit to God’s love for it is the divine spark of all life, for God’s love see no color, age, gender or Creed but see into our hearts and accepts us for who and what we are, His lost children.

     The truth of the matter is that man cannot live without love, he remains an empty shell, but if he turns to God he will find fulfillment, for his soul is always seeking its Creator and will find unlimited love from God of a divine nature. Love between a man and a woman is of great experience and great beauty but love between a man and his God is of a complete divine nature for it is first based on man’s faith, great strength and courage who loves his God without seeing him, without any evidence or proof of his existence. When we come to God half way, God will come to you half way and touch your heart and mind and you will know of His love, for God loves you so much and it brings Him great joy when you find Him.

   “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

Always remember you are never alone for God is always with you

God Bless you all my friends                  

Dr. +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, DD