Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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God is testing His Churches


     All of God’s spiritual leaders, priests and bishops, should know the fact that faith and love go hand in hand. If you love God then you will have faith in practicing His teachings and if you have faith in God then you will love to practice his teachings. So it was with our first parents, Adam and Eve, whom God willed to test their faith by placing the tree of Good and evil in the mist of the garden and forbid them to eat of its fruit. As the story goes Satan beguiled the woman, who was weak without her husband at her side and she did eat, and then she influence her husband Adam to eat and out of his love more for her then for God did eat. Both Adam and Eve loved failed God’s test of love.


      Today, evil is spreading all over the world, and God has established his divine “Will” in his Churches and now he watches to see which of his Churches will past his test or fail. It has been told in the Holy Scriptures that Satan evil will come and corrupt God’s Churches and his people.


Test One:


     In the 16th century God’s mother Church had within corrupt Church leaders and instead of allowing God to handle this problem, man out of self pride took it upon himself to abandon God holy Church and start their own and the reformation was born and still continues to spread false teachings upon its members, especially about Mother Church. Where does your Church stand, with God in communion with Mother Church, or against God and support your false manmade teachings? It is Satan priority to bring confusion to God’s people and cause separation of His Churches. This is why unity among all the Christian Churches is very important.


Test Two:


     In the 1970’s Law was passed to legally allow ignorant woman to kill their unborn child to pay for the price of her sin of sex. She enjoyed the pleasure of sex, but fails to stand up and face her responsibility. Has your Church counsel these women to help her understand the sin of abortion? Has your church prepared to help her if she chose not to have an abortion? Has your Church talked to our law makers to help them see the error of this Bad law? Where does your Church stand, with God against killing innocence babies or against God for pro-abortion? How many married couples want children but are unable to have them, but would love to adopt a child as their own?


Test Three:


     God is all wise in all things and he is unchanging and out of his wisdom had established an all male priesthood. Today Churches are going against God established Order and are ordaining women into the priesthood. Where does your Church stand, with God or against him?


Test Four:


     Today, our Churches faces the sin of immoral life style of homosexuality and many Churches are failing God’s test by accepting them as members of the Church, sending a message to their children that this type of life style is acceptable. That’s why our children are confused and step out and try this life style. Where does your Church stand, with God or against God? If these sinner repent and forsake their sins then they can become members of the Church, but if they return to their sinful lifestyle, then throw them out of the Church, just as Christ threw out the money changers from the temple, who caused abomination to God holy temple.  


Our Society today:


     Because of the sexual revolution of the 60’s these young people grew up and became adults with children of their own and never passed on to them the teachings of the Church they were taught; and as a result we now are experience a fast growth in atheism. Many of these people of the 60’s became college professors and teachers who are spreading confusion and atheism to our children; other became law makers and making bad laws like abortion. From a Church point of view this has become an epidemic in our society and the moral teachings of God are thrown out the window. Atheist is now out to remove religion from all public places, feminist are changing our Bible to read what their ideology and agenda is.


     Every generation faces an uncertain world, because no one knows what the future holds; most important we are to learn from our mistakes of the pass and in some things we never learn from our mistakes. Those Churches that are big, well established and with greater creditability than the small ones must voice their concerns to our law makers about the evil that infest our society by meeting with them; while smaller churches can voice their concerns through correspondence to the law makers.