Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Re-Establish Holiness


The Divine Liturgy


     Its time for Mother Church to make a change to restore itself to the time of Pentecost of the Apostles. Mother Church can achieve this goal by making the follow changes, and let all see the goodness and love she holds for all people.


1. Divine Liturgy:  The greatest change Mother Church must make is to re-establish its holiness within its churches, that which was lost when the Church tried to modernize itself by changing the Divine Liturgy. The liturgy the Church uses today  (Norus-Ordo) is more of a friendship type service like the Protestants use. When the Catholic liturgy was changed to what it is today, they took out the holiness from its services. As the high priest in the time of Moses enters the Holy of Hollies, he face the Ark of the Covenant where the Spirit of God rested, He did not face the people of the 12 tribes of Israel. In the old Latin Trindintine Mass the priest did the same thing, he face the Holy Tabernacle where the Spirit of God rests, he did not face the congregation.


 2. Holy Church: The Eastern Orthodox Church teach, when you enter that part of the Church called the Nava (the holy place), you are leaving the secular world and entering God world. They did it right, because every time I walk into an Orthodox Church I feel that I am in God world, a very holy place. In fact I could feel the holiness in the atmosphere within the Nava. This is what Mother Church has to do is make its members feel that they are on holy grounds, in a holy place when they enter the Church.


     In front of the Church is a wall of icons of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, Saints, and Angels, along with a large gate in the center called the “Royal” gate? This wall in the Orthodox Church is called the Iconostasis. In the Roman Catholic Church they once had a separation between the holy place and the sanctuary it was there communion railing with a small front gate. Beyond this gate is the Sanctuary where only the priesthood may enter according to God instruction. This sanctuary in the Old Testament is known as the Holy of Hollies. Here is where the Ark of the Covenant was kept, today in place of the Ark stands the tabernacle; and a sanctuary lamp is lit to remind all visitors that the present of the Lord is here inside the tabernacle.True worship of the Lord is to face the Holy Tabernacle and worship God. The priest should never turn his back to God and disrespect him.

Note: When Abraham worshiped God he build a stone Altar and built a fire upon it and sacrificed a lamb to the Lord, as the smoke rise above the Altar, God was there and Abraham faced God and prayed to him. He did not turn his face from God and looked at the beauty of the country side. No, He faced God and worshiped him.


3. Experience the Holiness: We need to re-establish this great holiness in the Church so all can be witness to its beauty, and experience its holiness through the use of our five senses. With our eyes we see the beauty (icons & statues), with our ears we hear the holy prayers and sing the holy songs, with our nose we smell the burning of holy incense sending up our prayers to heaven, and finally we taste the bread and wine of the holy Eucharist.


     It was in the beginning that the priest and the congregation would all face forward toward the altar where the tabernacle and the present of God rested, today the liturgy is much different the priest faces the congregation and has his back facing God which I believe is incorrect. God must be the focal point of our worship. Today Mass has lost its holiness because it’s now a friendship service instead of a holy worship service of God.


4. Holy Eucharist: It is strongly believed that the consecrated Host has the real present of Christ, thus only the ordained priest with consecrated hands may touch the Host and place it on the peoples tong. When I serve Mass I dip half of the host into the wine and place it on the people tong, this way they get both body and blood of Christ, the most sanitary way. Today the host is place into the people hands, unconsecrated hands, and everyone drinks from the wine chalice. When I look into the chalice of wine, I see the oils from people lips floating on top of the wine, most unsanitary because the human mouth is full of bacteria and germs.


Note: At the beginning of my liturgy there are two movements in which I would prepare myself for the Lord. First movement I would anoint myself with holy oil, first my forehead so I may center my thoughts on the Lord and the Mass, then my lips so I may read the Holy Prayers and speak with authority and lastly my heart that I may remain humble in my unity with Christ. The second movement I consecrate my hands because I soon will be holding the essence of the Divine Creator in my hands.   


     Please do not misunderstand me, the Holy Spirit fills Mother Church, moves through her and works through her, but Mother Church has to return to the state of holiness that people can see and experience. People know that this world is filled with wackiness and evil, so they need to look up to an established institution that teaches love, goodness, and has Holiness. People need to experience the holiness of the Church.