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Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Human Nature

Part One

     To those who are observant and aware of the things going on around them better understand human nature. Since the time of our birth, as babies our five senses have been exposed to other people thoughts, concepts, ideas; and as time goes on and we get older we begin to develop certain ideology on religion, politics, people, and government, especially on religion. These ideology are not our own but are other peoples whom we love and live with, those we associate with as friends. By the time we reach 5 years old we will have received 42,000 hours of programming of other people opinions, ideas, concepts that will have become the very core of our subconscious mind and it’s this core that gives us that certain ideology we now believe in.

     In school we are never taught the science of the mind and how we can take control our mind to live the life we desire. Our thought, words and actions are the reflections of what our subconscious mind believe about us, its controls everything we do according to that belief as to who we are. Because of this programming, that determine who and what we are and dictate if we will become religious person who love’s God or become a criminal and live a hard evil life that ends up in early death or in prison. In general terms, let us review some truth about human nature.

1. We all are creatures of habit always seeking our comfort and pleasure.

2. We are creatures that hears only what we want to hear according to our subconscious mind core ideology and turn blind eye to the truth.

3. We are creatures who accept and believe things told to us by our third and fourth party family and friends unconditionally without facts, proof or evidence and is accepted as the truth.

4. We are creatures who are easily influence and controlled by evil forces because we lack involvement and practices of our faith in God. People who don’t go to Church and don’t receive the sacraments of holy Church that would protect them.

5. We are spiritual beings that exist in a living biological body that is always influence and tempted by our sinful carnal nature, the animal instinct and lust that corrupts and degrade the true human nature; that turns us into dishonest people who lie, cheat and steal.

6. We are creatures the can talk our self into anything we want to believe in about ourselves; on any subject without facts, proofs or evidence.

7. We are creature that always seek to control and manipulate others, one who seeks powers over others, because we love it, and it boosts our self-pride. 

8. We are creatures who work hard every day to let other people see us a smart human being and hate when someone shows us and others that we are not. We are prideful and always seek to be part of the in crowd.

9. We are creatures that will go as far as to lie in order to save face. Our self-pride, at times, turns us away from the truth.

10. We are creatures who as uneducated people will always laughing at educated people when they don’t know what the educated people are talking about; no one wants to be looked at as being ignorant and stupid. Saving face is always very important.

11. We are creatures that are constantly in competition with each other whether we know it or not. Subconsciously, we don’t like to see our family members or friends do better in life than what we have achieved; this again has to do with self-pride.  

Note: Talking from experience and I can't say about other countries but in the United States people do not read signs. Signs are posted to help them, but they just don't read signs until they have tried to fine it themselves and after the third attempt  they finally start to read signs. This is very much apart of human nature, hard as it is to believe.

     As creatures of habits, we can learn how to overcome bad habits by replacing them with good habits. God has given us three very important tools that we can use to change our life around to a happier, honest, and prosperous life. By changing the inner core of our subconscious mind, we become a better person with a life full of abundance. The secret to all this is how to penetrate the subconscious mind to reprogram our inner core, and this is done through our emotion; the first and greatest tool given to us. Bad and negative emotions results in bad and negative life, positive emotions results in a positive and happy life.

Bad Emotion: Hate, envy, resentment, Jealously, anger,

Good Emotions: Love, happiness, compassion, joy,

    The other two tools are faith and affirmation. By saying an affirmation over and over a thousand times, we begin to build faith in that statement and when the subconscious mind reaching that certain level it will accept what you are telling it and change our inner core. Now, what are affirmation? Affirmations are positive statement we say to yourself. Here is one “Every day I am getting better and healthier.” Affirmation are nothing more than a positive prayer to yourself, it’s self-talk, it’s talking to yourself and I call it “Control Suggestion” to reprogram your inner core.

     Through control suggestion and correct affirmation you can overcome egotism, self-pride, false ambitions and false noble desires, like the desire to become a bishop of a church, not because the Church needs one or because you can provide great solutions to the church problems; but only so you can walk around with this great title feeding your egotistic pride.

     These human weakness that become part of our nature touches everyone, no one is immune, and everyone has these weaknesses, even priests and bishops who we look upon as being holy people; and we become very disappointed when they fall from their state of holiness, but they are only humans with the same weakness that everyone else has.

     It is very important for us all to become a better person, because in our world each life touches the life of another person and the expression we leave with that other person may determine the course of action they will take in their life. As human beings’ we must interact with others of our kind for life, happiness and at times for education, for our sanity, as it is stated in the Bible by God Himself “It is not good for man to be alone” (Gen. 2:18).

     So what can we do to become a better person and a better citizen of society?  To know God you must inmate him, His character and His love, so it is in becoming a better person, you pray every-day, you practice the faith of the Church, you tell yourself “I love God more than I love sin.” Or “Every-day I am becoming a better person, happy and filled with God’s blessing.”  I have always taught my Bible student’s this affirmation I was inspired to write one day “To study and practice the Holy Scripture is to achieve fulfillment.”

     However, those who follow God and do good deeds, pray, read and study the scriptures, go to Church and worship God and help their fellow man, these things bring out the goodness of man’s human nature and from their soul shines forth the everlasting reflection of God’s image of love.  

     I pray this has helped you in understanding human nature and the process of changing your nature to a better and happier one, God bless.

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His Eminence

The Archbishop-Primate

Dr. +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ DD