Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Jewish Brother’s & Sisters

      It give great pleasure to remind my Christian brothers and sisters that the people of the Jewish faith are God’s children also and must be given that respect. The Jewish faith is the foundation of the Christian Church from which our faith comes from; for the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament, for the two are united forever in divine inspiration.

     I love the Jewish people, for they seek nothing more than to be allowed to live their life according to their faith in God. I find them to be peaceful and loving people, gentile in nature, people of high intellect and I enjoy their ways of expressing their thoughts and ideals in regards to God and man and the law.

     The patriarchs of the Old Testament like Abraham, Jacob and Moses, are the same as we Christian believe in and learn from their stories, their joy and happiness and of their mistakes that brings hardship, so that we ourselves do not follow that same road and do the same mistakes, and experience the same pain and hardship. We learn much from the stories of the Old Testament, God laws and receive a better understand of the mysteries of God, we learn of God anger and His love, we learn the moral teaching that have been handed down from one generation to the next and has become our tradition. Laws which our society today is built on.

     When invited, I am honored to break bread which my Jewish friends on Passover and celebrate with them the reminding of their slavery in Egypt, and how God free them and lead them out of the land of bondage to freedom and gave them and us the Ten Commandment, watched over them, protected them, and made them the chosen nation above all the nations of the earth.

     Our Catholic liturgy is founded upon the Jewish temple of God in the desert and King Solomon Temple in Jerusalem. Our Church is divided into two rooms, the holy, where the faithful sit and pray and worship and then the holy of holies, where the priest prays the holy liturgy. As Israel had the Ark of the Covenant with them in the temple where upon the Spirit of God came to rest and be with His people, we Catholics and Orthodox Catholics have the tabernacle on our alter in place of the Ark of the Covenant where the presents of the Lord can be found, and the sanctuary lamp is always lit to remind us of His presents in the temple, that He is with us always.

     The vestments that our priests and bishops wear are fashion after the likeness of the high priest of Israel, the miter, robes etc. We also use candles and incense in our Church as part of our worship service like the Jewish nation did in worshipping God. Christian and Jews have the same heritage that leads back to the same Abraham and then to the same God. We all devote our selves to prayer, study of the Holy Scriptures, the doing of good deeds, the worship of the same God.

     I believe that God still walks among the Jewish people until the time is right and our second coming of Jesus in the clouds of Heaven, will be their first coming of the messiah. However, today, there are Jewish temple that accept Jesus Christ as their messiah, they are better known as messianic Jews. They continue practicing the customs and tradition of the Jewish faith but have become complete now because they accept “Yeshua” Jesus as their messiah.  Alongside their Jewish tradition they also practice Jesus teachings


     To help me better understand the Jewish faith, customs and tradition, I have a number of movies, made in Hollywood, about the Jews and are very educational to me, not documentary, but movies about modern day Jews. In my library I have a thick book written by a Jewish Rabbi that does an excellent job in explaining the Jewish faith. The pictures in the book are great.

In the first century right after Jesus ascension  into heaven, Christians started to call the Jews "Christ Killers" which was wrong, for only a very small hand full of pharoses plotted to have Jesus put to death. You cannot condemn an entire nation for the action of a few bad men, you can not condemn the sins of one generation upon another. Today our mentality is different, we have evolved and matured to become a more understanding and loving people.

I personally extends my hand to any Jewish Rabbi or people who will accept my friendship and God's love.