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Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Unrighteous and immoral Lifestyles

Today Social Pressure

     All Christian churches Orthodox, Catholic and Protestants are facing great social pressure for the acceptance of immoral and unrighteous acts of sin. I have been moved to explain and defend the teachings of God on the subject of immoral sinful acts. For it is only through God wisdom and teaching we learn what are immoral acts of sin and what is righteous living. We are faced today with various activist groups that want religious Churches to accept their sinful acts and lifestyle through the use of various words and phrases such as “human rights” and “equality” even “”God is Love” in order to achieve their ends means. They want recognition and use such accusation that we teach hate messages and this is not true. All Christian Churches, if they follow the teaching of the Holy Scripture, will never teach or spread hate messages or doctrines, for according to God to hate is a sin.

Unrighteous Acts

     If we practice those acts and lifestyle that God calls sinful, then we can never be called “man of God” and be part of the kingdom of heaven. But what are these unrighteous sins that God has condemned and calls them immoral acts?

“Do you not know that the wicked (unrighteous) shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God” I Cor. 6:9-10 NIV  

     Today many Christian Churches teach the people God teaching of unrighteousness, and for some reason, a clear understanding is never achieved. Many people go out and commit sinful acts, live a life of unrighteousness. This article is written in the hopes of achieving a clear understanding of the teaching on unrighteousness from the Holy Scriptures which I believe supersedes secular teaching.

     Unrighteousness, from a theological point of view is taught as a moral sin that involves improper sexual acts of intercourse such as: unfaithful adultery to one married spouse, Homosexual acts of men and women, acts of thieves, the act of being greedy instead of one being of charity, alcoholism, slanders, and swindlers.  The above lists of sinful acts are those that stain our soul with sin making us unrighteous before the eyes of God.

1. Fornication

     We need to start by defining the word fornication taken from the Hebrew and Greek tongue.

     “The term thus translated denotes every kind of unlawful sexual acts of intercourse.”(1) “Often understood to mean sexual intercourse outside of marriage.”(2) According to some theologians It is taught to include “idolatry” and “harlotry” against God (Mat. 15:19; Rev. 17:4; 21:8). What are these unlawful sexual sins that God forbids us from practicing? The weakness of the human race is that people will redefine and twist words to ignore what God truth and commandments states in order to gratify their sexual desires and pleasures. We will even talk ourselves into believing that we are correct in our thinking of the concept about fornication. 

     Sex is a very strong force and has a strong power of attraction, influence, drive and desire. Once a person has crossed over the line and tasted the sin of fornication like incest, bestiality, adultery, self gratification, and homosexuality will finds it hard to stop or give it up, because the pleasure of sex is that strong. It can result in becoming an obsession, a sickness to the point it can even drive one-self to do crazy things to get it. These urges and drives can become addictive, like viewing pornography in adult book stores or on the internet, it can become an obsession. The sin of fornication is dangerous because it can hurt and damage us and others. This is why the Church stresses control and teaches that the sin of fornication is dangerous, not only from a physical point of view, through physical disease but also from an emotional and psychological point of view that can scars you for life, and finally it stains and can even damage you spiritually, through your conscious soul.

     The sin of fornication condemns us and keeps us from obtaining immortality of the soul, and makes us worthy of Hell fire, the eternal death of our soul. I would like to cover here the explanation of each sinful act in the hope you may receive a clear understanding of what it is and why it is wrong.

The lust of the flesh is one of the greatest sins against God that shames us and it is the greatest tool used by Satan to get us to sin.

Final note: If you date a woman and learned that she had premartial sex with another man and that means you will not enjoy that unique pleasure of first time sex, but that you are getting "Used Merchandise" another man had her. Is this the type of woman you want to marry? This same rule applies to woman who knows her man had other women and she getting "Used Merchandise."

2. Adultery:

     Translated from the Hebrew and Greek the word denotes specific sexual intercourse of a married person with another person outside of his or her marriage vows that is not their spouse. This sinful act can include another person who is married involved in an act with another person who maybe single. Any sexual acts done outside of the marriage vow is adultery (Ex. 20:14).

     Some people talk themselves into thinking that since each spouse in the marriage has given their permission to establish an open marriage whereby each spouse may have sex with others, is ok and not adultery. This is called swinging and since both spouses agree, they are not going against their marriage vow and that it’s ok to practice this sinful act. But they forget that God established marriage between one man and one woman (Gen 2:21-24) and that their vow is recited and agreed upon and is sealed before the eyes of God on their wedding day. Their marriage vows are not only recited and agreed upon between the man and woman but is a vows also to God.

     The wedding vow is a contract, not only between husband and wife but also between God, and God will not give his permission for swinging and he will hold you responsible in keeping your vow (contract) with him and he will enforce upon you his punishment for breaking your vows (contract) with him. Whether you give each other permission to have affairs outside your marriage vows, under God law it is still adultery.

3. Incest:

     This sinful act involves sexual intercourse between blood related family members. This involves sexual intercourse between mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister and between uncle and niches, aunts and nephews (Lev.18:1-25). Sex between a son and his new step-mother or daughter with her new step-father, and sex between father and daughter in-law or mother and son in-law are acts of adultery (Ex.20:14). This law has become very much part of our society but it has not stopped people from practicing it. Through a medical point of view the close bloodline becomes poor, polluted, genetically altered, infected with the stain of sin and can cause birth defects. In fact it is being practice more than ever before, because of the excitement it gives, going against the teaching of the church and the laws of our society. This gives them excitement, moves their blood for fun and pleasure, and yet it is still immoral and sinful.

4. Bestiality:

     This is the sinful act of humans having sex with animals, one that has increased greatly in our society over the last thirty years mostly involving mislead, misguided women looking for enhanced sexual pleasure thinking this is permitted (Lev. 18:23). Women looking for sexual pleasures from animals and turning away from men are shaming themselves and living an unrighteous lifestyle of sin. Women, who have been abused by physical beating, mental abuse, or getting involved with negative emotional ties, like with a human partner, seek sexual pleasure from the animal kingdom. With an animal they have no such problem because these animals are used as sex machine for pleasure only and there is no fear of being abused, there no emotional involvement or problems.

     Because there is no genetic balance or compatibility between a human and animal, this eliminates the chance of becoming pregnant. Some of these women are paid good money to perform with animals, other women are thrill seeker and will try it for fun, look upon it as an adventure, but mostly they are seeking sexual enhancement, gratification and physical pleasure. This sin is not limited to women only, that men are engaged in this act also.  God calls this sin as being defiled and perversion Lev. 18:23 RSV. With imbalance thinking some women have taken their animal lover as husband and go through a marriage ceremony; in this type of relationship the woman has full control, but yet still sinful. The penalty of people engaged in sex with animals is very hard “Anyone who has sexual relationship with an animal must be put to death” (Ex. 22:19 NIV). Today in our society we don’t put people to death for this act, but the death of their soul on judgment day by God is very real.

Note: I suggest reading Revelation 20:12-15


Defiled: One whose act causes them to be impure, corrupt, profane, and unclean; this description affects the human soul.


Perversion:  Something perverted or abnormal, any types of sexual acts or practices that God calls immoral under the law.

5. Homosexuality:

     We all know the teaching of God expressed in the Holy Scriptures that state “Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination.” Leviticus 18:22 KJV. “In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion” (Romans 1:27 NIV).  This subject today touches on all religions and those who hold true to God teaching in the Holy Scriptures will not permit or accept this sinful people in their Church, for to do so would tell our children this sinful lifestyle is OK, and that we cannot do. The Christian Church does not hate homosexuals, it’s just that they do not accept their lifestyle; their immoral act will be judged by God, not by the Church. But the Church has a responsibility to protect its children from the ways of sinful lifestyles. Priests and ministers of God who hold true to the teaching of God will not perform a same sex marriage (union).

Note: Now that the supreme court has made its ruling on gay marriages, the next issue will be polygamy. Allowing men and women to have more then one spouse. The supreme court has re-defined marriage.  If the gay community will try to use this ruling to force ministers of mainstream churches to marry them and bless their union, this will be a violation of the Unites States Constitution of the First Amendment that says "The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion. By force minister to bless and marry gay couples interferes with that minister and church freedom to exercise their right to practice their faith.

Note: This may not be the best advice, but if homosexual people really believe that there is nothing wrong with the lifestyle they are living, why then not start your own churches, and have fellowship with others who believe in the same lifestyle, and leave mainstream Christian church alone. Governments who want to permit same sex union should call it union and drop the word marriage, and not force mainstream Christian priests and ministers to marry these people. 

6. Abomination

     This is an act that desolates, appalls and brings shame upon God and the person who commits this act because we hold God’s indwelling Spirit that's what gives us  life. Abomination is an act that is looked upon as being detestable, an act that transgresses God’s divine law.

     Today, this act of unrighteous sexual practice done for self gratification through the act of same-sex and then combined with an illusionist idea that they feel and experience love for each other. But this is a false feeling that will result in staining their soul with the stain of sin that will separate them from God. The divorce rate between same-sex people is no better than between man & woman.

7. Shamefulness

     To be shameful is to cause and experience a painful feeling of having lost the respect of God, family and friends because of improper immoral behavior, practices and acts. A person who has brought shame upon them self has dishonored and disgrace themselves before the eyes of God, family and friends. Today, the family honor or name really doesn’t mean much anymore, more and more people are losing their self respect. 

     How much do you love the act of sin that you practice? Will you give up this sin and follow after the divine Creators will? Those who will give up their great sin, no matter how much they love committing it, proves that their love for God is greater than their love for pleasurable sin; and the greater that love is that you give up for God, shall equal your reward in heaven.  But like us all we are weak, so how do we overcome our sins and forsake them? We do it through understanding and through the power of holiness which the powers of evil cannot stand against. Prayer is the foundation of a spiritual life and from prayer and being obedient to God’s teachings and laws we become right with God and receive the power of holiness.

8. Thieves

     Understand God law “Thou shalt not steal” (Ex. 20:15 KJV). You would think that this subject is easy to understand, yet I find so many so called Christians who unconsciously steal, from work, not being aware of their actions. I see people who find ways to steal from insurance companies, government aids and social welfare help programs designed to help the needy. The word thieves come under many types of names and action, and their personal desires move them to commit to steal, even from family and friends. The philosophy, understanding and reasons behind this drive to steal are 1.) “The world owes me a living,” while everyone else must work for their living, 2.)  “It’s every man for him-self,” while normal people know that earning a living is the honest way of obtaining the things you want. To steal is a sin, a wrongful act against your brother, because we are all children of God; some who are righteous and others who are disobedient to Gods laws.



9. Idolaters

     These are people who, through their own reasoning decide to worship other gods instead of the one true Most High God. Even in this day of age, there are people who worship Mother Nature instead of the God who created Mother Nature. Yet, others people worship Satan, some still worship the old mythological Greek gods, old druid gods, and Viking gods. In the evolution of religion, man finally comes to the realization and understand that there is only one true God (mono theism); such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

     We have to make a distinction between worshipping and venerating. To worship is to acknowledge that thing you are worshiping is a god in your belief. To venerate is to remember, to respect, to give honor, but it is not a form of worshipping. The mistake many people make and it’s not really their fault, because they only know and understand what they are told by their spiritual leaders; that Catholic worship statues, and Orthodoxy worships Icons (pictures), and this understanding is totally wrong. These misguided people have pictures of family members on their living room walls and out of ignorance I can say they are into ancestor worship. The man of the house has a status of a golfer or a model car, and other things made in the likeness of those things on earth that can be again taken as their gods of which they worship. Only from ignorance do people actually believe this misguide remark about other religions.

10. Greedy

     These are people who through hard work or great creative thinking have improved their way of life above that of their fellow man, they become rich, wealthy “See the one who would not take refuge in God, but trust in abundant riches, and sought refuge in wealth” Ps: 52:7 RSV. With great wealth comes great responsibility toward your fellow man. God desires charity, the love of giving, not the love of being greedy. To share of what you have plenty of with others is an act of Love which then becomes a reflected image of God within you, shining forth. Money is not the root of all evil it’s the love of money that is evil, because instead of loving God and sharing what you have, you love money to the point of becomes an obsession and you can’t trust anyone anymore and you just horde it.


12. Drunkards

     Man has long understood the problem with alcohol, with large consumption that damages the liver, and have come to labeled it a disease in our society and formed organization such as Alcoholic Animist to help those who have this disease. We must remember that our body is the temple of God and the Spirit of God lives within us “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.” (I Cor. 3:16-17) RSV and it is God’s Spirit that lives in you and gives you life (Gen 2:7). In other words we are holy people chosen by God and created in His image and likeness (Gen. 1:26).

      To pollute your body with alcohol, nicotine and illegal substances such as: “LSD”, “Cocaine” and “Heroin” will cause damage to your brain and organs and defile God who’s Spirit lives within you. You allow yourself to lose control of reality and separate your-self from God. These substances are toxic poison that enslave you and weaken your power of will to overcome. How many people are killed every year by drunk drivers?  “Come to a sober and right mind and sin no more; for some people have no knowledge of God. I say this to your shame.” I Cor. 15:34 RSV

12. Slanderers

     To talk badly about someone behind their back is wrong and a sin. They do this because they are mostly cowers to tell that person to their face. Most people don’t like and are bad at handling confrontations, so they avoid it and talk behind people back. “O Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked exult? They pour out their arrogant words: all the evildoers boast.” Ps. 94:3-4 RSV.   There are laws again slandering someone good name in public and can be held liable in the courts. Yet this sin causes a domino effect that can open up a whole can of worms, involving other people, causing hurt feeling, bringing up anger and other strong emotions. “Lying lips conceal hatred, and whoever utters slander is a fool. When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but the prudent are restrained in speech.” Prov. 1:18-19 RSV

13. Swindlers

     During the time of the great depression of 1929 and after, millions of people were out of work. Some men who had families to support would hop train rides to other cities looking for work these men got the nickname “hobos.” Other people would do con’s on others who where rich and swindle them out of their money, all to survive until the economy got better and able to find work.

     Today we still have swindlers who con people of their hard earn money; lazy people who won’t go to work and earn an honest living and have no respect for other people property. Much of these swindles are done by young women on the internet, playing on lonely old men emotions and desires and swindling them out of their life savings. Then there are those people who risk much by swindling the government of tax payer money, at food line, welfare, and others programs. Many people have been swindled and lost much of their money from dishonest stock brokers. All these people will be called on judgment day before the Lord to account for their actions. 

14. Self gratification

     This act of self gratification performed by men and women disrespects them self their body because the male sperm is the seed of life and through this act is shamefully wasted, discarded, with no true understanding of what has been done. In all truth, we are spiritual being, our body is the temple of God because of His divine Spirit that gave us life lives within us. We are created in the image of God and to perform this act shames us before the eyes of God. In order to carry out this act of sin we have to use our thoughts and imagination in order to become aroused and in doing this we create in our mind various acts of sin to cause stimulation for self gratification (Matthew 5:28). The sin in our mind is no different than the physical sin we act out, both are sins and both are condemned.

     The act of self-gratification done by women is no different than that of a man both must carry out their acts of sin mentally in order to stimulate, arouse and reach climaxes for self pleasure and gratification.

Sin and the Human Soul

     First God Created Light, water and the Earth, the rocks and minerals (Gen 1:1), then God created Vegetation (Gen 1:4), then God created the animals, the animals on land (Gen. 1:24-25), and in the sea (Gen. 1:20-21), and in the air (Gen. 1:21). Finally God created man, but He created him in a special and unique way. God created man after his own image and his own likeness “Let us make man after our likeness after our image (Gen 1:26). In the Bible, no other creature, including the angels, was created in this unique way endowed with the Creator image, thus making man a special creature. But what is the image and likeness of God? We learn from Jesus that God is not a physical being, “God is a Spirit and we must worship him in Spirit” (John 4:24). Jesus, also being God and part of the Godhead, is the only one born into a physical body, joining divinity with humanity.


     When Moses went up to the mountains to talk with God, Moses ask God if he could see his glory and God turn around so Moses can see his back, and then a dark cloud appeared between them and Moses saw the glory of God, through a limited method. When Moses came down from the mountain the people of Israel could not look upon Moses face because the glory of God was so bright upon Moses face they had to put a veil over his head (Ex. 34:29-35).


     When Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, they live without cloths and were not aware of being naked (Gen. 3:10). At first I thought they were clothed in a robe of light that God gave them, but now I believe that Adam and Eve where illuminating being, generating their own glory of light; since they were created with God Spirit, having no sin, Living in a pure state, reflecting God image and glory. When they committed the sin of disobedience by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge their soul became stained with sin and they lost their continence, the glory that surrounded their body, and were left naked.


     The human soul has two sides to its nature; the first side is the physical connection side that possesses a consciousness, the subconscious and the five senses. The other side is the spiritual side which records all life experiences and which is written in the book of life (Rev. 20:12). The spiritual side of the soul keeps communion with God, brings us inspired thoughts, make us feel shameful and sorrowful when we sin. It provides the ability to sense danger, anger and other feeling; along with the sixth sense ability.

     Adam and Eve sin of disobedience brought sin and physical (bodily) death into the world, and the wicked people on judgment day will be consumed in hellfire they will experience the death of both body and soul. ”fear not those who can destroy the body but not the soul, but fear those who can destroy both body and soul in hell.” Matthew 10:28. The first death we all experience is our physical death of the body then there is the second death of the soul in the lake of fire, an everlasting death.

The effect of Sin

     Sin corrupts, degrades and alters the human nature; it stains the soul, enslaves the person, and separates them from God.” God wants mankind to experience the true love, joy and goodness of a spiritual nature. Prayer is the foundation of living a spiritual life and day after day as we practice our daily prayer and study of the Holy Scriptures we because more rooted in God words, love and ways of life. Our inner nature starts to change and we find that what we once love has no meaning or joy anymore and that which we hated we find that we love very much. We develop a need to help other people, and to practice doing good deeds. You will find happiness in going to church every week to worship God, have fellowship with people who are just like you.

     One of the major reasons why God forbids us from practicing the above sexual behavior is because of the emotion of jealousy that leads people to do bad things to other people even to the point of committing murder. Strong emotion for many people is very hard to control and it would be best not to have them, so we take measure not to experience them; by practicing certain ways of life.

Sexual Crimes against Society

     People who practice these sexual evils, like those who enjoy animal sex, need psychological counseling of the highest order. Imbalance mental thinking can cause people to do the craziest acts of evil that man can ever imagine. When the mind becomes imbalance, corruption can set in very easily causing great delusions. With the help of a trained specialist, these people can be shown how to look inward and search out the root-cause where the imbalance thinking began and a cure can be found.

     Psychologist find that after intense analysis of their client will find out that these people who practice these types of evil sexual practices have been rejected many times through normal means of trying to finding love, companionship, and sexual release and end up turning to these wrongful acts. Our society as a whole is a judgmental society and is the cause of these people to turn to practicing these acts.

      Example: a young man of 28 try’s to find love, companionship, and sexual relationship with a woman the normal way through dating, but ends up being rejected by the women of our society for many different reason.  He because very lonely and over a period of time each day, week, and month it gets worst. He reaches a level of mental breakdown, corrupted thinking enters and imbalance desires develops causing him to turns to other sources for sexual gratification and finds it with children, animals, and dead bodies. The above example effect women just as it does with men.  


    1. Pedophile: Children are our precious commodity in our society and must be protected from those evil people who have sex with children for their own selfish pleasure not caring of the psychological damage it may cause to the child.


    1. Sex with the dead: This is a crime against society and in many states is a crime for people to engage in sex with dead people, using their bodies for their sick sexual pleasure.



     In order to obtain salvation after our baptism and Chrismation we are instructed by God to live a Godley life, which means not practicing any of the unrighteous lifestyle that God has listed in His Bible. Let me recap those practice that are unrighteous.


1. Acts of Fornication

2. Acts of Adultery

3. Acts of stealing (thieve)

4. Acts of Incest

5. Acts of Bestiality

6. Acts of same sex

7. Acts of Slandering

8. Acts of swindling others

9. Acts of abusive Alcoholism

10. Acts of Greed over Charity

11. Acts of Idolaters

12. Acts of abomination

13. Sexual crimes against society

                                                      Understand This

The one and only "Most High" God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is a God of "Moral Values" and we need to accept this and follow His wisdom.