Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Servants of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

      Apostolic See of St. John



New Year Encyclical


His Eminence the Archbishop

Dr. +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, DD




Our Strength and Unity


     I John Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, by the grace of God is moved by the Holy Spirit to write this encyclical on the strength and unity of our Church in the 26th year of my pontificate, may God’s blessings be upon you, peace to you from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior Jesus, called the Christ.


     In the early years of my pontificate I had several ambition seminarian who did not focus on God ministry but where title hunting and if they didn’t become bishops they left the Church and joined another Church. Another priest studied with me and became ordained the returned to Kansas City to start his ministry and establish a parish. That same year Pope John Paul II visited the city and he was over taken emotionally by the Pope visit he left me to run after the Roman Catholic Church only to find out they wanted nothing to do with him. His pride and sham kept him from returning to me. So I had to come up with a way in which true men of God who truly seek the joy of doing Christ ministry with us will stay with our Church and not run off every time another bishop offers something better. Here is what the Lord gave me.

First Rule of the Church:

     The Servants of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith ministry is founded on two words “Obedience” and “Humility” that holds us together as one Church; obedience to God’s will and humility among all our clergy both priests and bishops no matter what indifference we have. The Nicene Creed is our statement of faith, our only theology and it is this creed that holds us together as one Church through the power of the Holy Spirit.


     His Eminence Archbishop +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, DD is the founder and the spiritual father and the Holy Spirit moves through our Church bringing good priests and bishops to join our ministry which has been ordained by God. To show respect to our spiritual father and to all our bishops and priests is to be obedient to God Himself.


     It is our faith and belief in Jesus Christ that God has entrusted us with His holy ministry, which has become God will that we bring to Him as many of the non-believers we can; and to minister to as many of the faithful we can. It is God ministry and the Nicene Creed that holds us together as one Church. 


     The clergy in our Church are free to do their own theological research which opens up doors of disagreement among the clergy. Discussion, argument and debate on theological concepts and ideas is good for the soul; but it’s the Nicene creed that is our Church only true theology for faith that holds us together as one Church in Christ Jesus. Each priest and bishop of every church must control his pride and ambition and focus his energy on prayer, humility, and the ministry of the Lord. Any theological concepts beyond the Nicene Creed are commentary not doctrine and are not require for membership into our Order or Church.


     Fr. John believes that Mary the mother of our Lord was cleanse of original sin at the time of her saying yes to the angel Gabriel of Gods plan for the birth of Jesus. Fr. Jim believes that Mary was born without original sins so the two have a disagreement here, they talk, debate and each still believe what they first started out to believe. Because they disagree does not give any real reason that they should quit our Church and join another. Because this argument has nothing to do with salvation or the Creed we all believe in, so there is no reason to leave the Church because the Creed stays unchanged, our true theology remains the same, so Fr. John and Fr. Jim still disagree but they remain part of our priesthood. It’s the Nicene Creed that holds us together as one Church. Because theology, doctrine, dogma and concepts is what splits the Church and causes schism.

Note: Let us always remember that it is Satan major priority to split God Church and cause separation and confusion among God chosen priesthood.  Our ministry is to bring non-believers to the reality of God and non-practicing Christian closer to God and salvation. We do not involve ourselves in debate over theological issues; the Nicene Creed is the foundation of our Church and the only true theology we hold too.

The Second Rule of the Church is the Established Order

     The second rules of our Church are the established order of things that God had established and because God is unchanging so are the following established Order unchanging. We and no other Catholic Church have the real true power or authority to change anything that God had established.

+God established our all-male priesthood and has remained as such for over two thousand years and will remain as such for all eternity.

+The Holy Bible through the power of the Holy Spirit who worked through the Early Church Fathers as they collected and complied the various Books of the Holy Bible and when finished proclaim them the inspired holy word of God. This is now a closed book which means nothing more can be added, and that the Bible being the inspired word of God has full power and authority over all man made canon laws. We are bound to be obedient to the teaching of the Holy Scripture. In the Holy Scriptures all of the authors wrote of God as being male and this too shall not change.

+The Church has seven holy Sacraments and will remain as such as a means by which the faithful will receive God blessings and graces. These Sacraments are unchanging and will all remain in force. None of them will be removed and no more will be added.

*The real present of Christ in the bread and wine, the Holy Eucharist, was instituted by Christ and his Apostles and practiced by the early Church fathers and is still practice by all true Catholic Churches; and this theology can never be altered, changed or removed.  At the last supper Jesus said “This is my body” he did not say this is a symbol of my body but literally meant his real body. The same is with the cup he said “This is my blood” not a symbol to be remembered, because a symbol cannot be shed only real blood can be shed for the forgiveness of sins.

+No doctrine, theology, or dogma may be added, subtract or alter and change to the Nicene Creed without a worldwide Ecumenical Council of all the world bishops and that include Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Old Catholic, and all independent Old Catholic, Reform Catholic and all other independent Orthodox bishops.

Our Prayer:

     Our prayers should not be “Lord please give me a parish so I may administer your sacraments to your faithful” this is a good prayer but our ministry is to bring people closer to God. Out prayer should be “Lord bring me to those who you wish me to help, so I may bring them to you for salvation let their life path cross mine so I may help them become members of your divine family.


A Savant of Christ Jesus

+John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, DD


January 07, 2017