Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Servants of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

Church Constitution


     It is here by noted that the following articles of this Church shall also become our Constitution, our article of association.





     The name of our non-profit Church shall be known as “The Servants of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith” which was founded in October of 1991. This ministry shall be so named so as not to reflect any ethnic or cultural limitation, but shall reflect the love, humility, obedience, and goodness of the universal church of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Statutory Agent


      All correspondence “legal” or “private” for purpose and for business shall be address to the founder of this Church, his Eminence Archbishop Dr. +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, DD, Founder, Archbishop, and Spiritual Father: 15959 Ashland Drive, Brook Park, Ohio 44142



Church Ministry


     It shall be the purpose of this ministry to become a “Teaching Ministry” of the Holy Scriptures and the administration of the “Seven Holy Sacraments.” To share, evangelize the Message of Jesus Christ and teach His Gospels. To defend the faith from error.



Church Officers and Board of Trustees


     The officers who shall be in-charge of this ministry shall be as follows:

Apostolic Chancellery:

  1. Archbishop/Primate: His Eminence +John Paul Hozvicka D.D. (founder, bishop Primate and spiritual father),
  2. Secretary of State
  3. Apostolic Treasurer:
  4. Apostolic Chancellor:
  5. Office of Canon Law:
  6. Office of The Clergy:
  7. Office of Doctrine of Faith:
  8. Office of international ministries:
  9. Dean of our Seminary
  10. Office of the Divine Liturgy


College of Bishops:


    These officers shall remain in there appointed position until such time the bishop primate will appoint another, or the officer resigns from their office. The college of bishops will be the Board of Trustees who shall oversee the teachings of the Church. This Board shall include the Archbishop-Primate as chairman of the board. The Archbishop-Primate and the college of bishops shall constitute a Synod (quorum). It shall take a 2/3 vote to amend any part of any articles of this constitution.



Canon Laws


    The Archbishop-Primate, the college of bishops and all priests and parish members shall be obedient to the canon laws of this Church. The canon laws may be changed at any Synod meeting of the college of bishops with a majority vote. The orthodox teaching of the Church can never be changed without an Ecumenical council of all the Orthodox bishops of the world.



Church and Parishes


     Each parish shall be Autocephalous and the building and real estate shall be owned by the parish members. Each parish will be governed by a board of trustees with the parish priest as the chairmen. The priesthood of the Church is owned and governed by the Church which is separate from the parish, and each parish is governed by its board of trustees. 





     Membership is open to the public to any person who seek membership. Each candidate for membership must first learn of the church, its history, its priesthood and its doctrine of faith; after which they will be baptized or incarnated and welcomed into the church as a member of the parish.   




The Dioceses


     The apostolic chancellery will appoint a bishop as overseer of a given area as his jurisdiction and will oversee the operation of the priesthood in his jurisdiction, but each parish in his district will be autocephalous. The bishop responsibility will be to make sure the Orthodox faith it properly taught, protected, and preserved.