Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Our Order

1. We are a Religious Order of the Catholic Faith of the first seven hundred years of the Church history expressing fully St. Ignatius writing “Where there is Jesus Christ there is the Catholic Church.”

2.We are apostolic in nature and tradition through our communion in faith with Christ Jesus through the Apostolic Succession of his Eminence the Archbishop-primate Dr.+John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, DD, founder and spiritual father of our Oder.

3. Through our communion in Faith with Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit which flows through the Church by-way of our Apostolic Succession, gives our Church the spiritual authority that makes our Seven Holy Sacraments valid and true and free to all.

4.Our Religious Order holds the Bible as the Holy and inspired word of God whose authority is above all manmade canon laws and has the final rule on moral practices and teachings on righteousness.

5. Our Order holds to and accept the “Nicene” creed as the true Christian statement of faith which was written by the Early Church Father in 325 AD.

6. Our Order like our Orthodox brothers accept Mary the mother of our Lord as the “Theotokos” the God bearer. Any theology beyond this is left up to the individual person private and personal belief.

7. We look upon the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Catholic as mother Church and all others as her children Churches.

8. We are obedient to the tradition of an all-male priesthood, our priests practice, compassion, understating, forgiveness and love. Our bishops and priests are permitted to marry before or after ordination.

9. Our Holy Eucharist service is open to all people of all denomination whose believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he is present in the bread and wine.

10. Our Order offers two ways to have your sins forgiven before you take Holy Common, 1.) Confession with a priest prior before Mass and 2.) Private confession between God and his people at the beginning of every Mass and forgiveness and absolution is given by the priest.

11. Divorce couples may receive Holy Common after they have received a dispensation, a dissolving of their first married vows. This process is easy and free and is obtained from any bishop of our Church.

12. Our Order feels that the practice of contraceptives is a private and personal matter within the Christian marriage between husband and wife and will pass no judgment.

13. In our Order women who have a calling of the Lord for his ministry may become ordained as “Deaconesses” Our Deaconate is open to married or single men and women. We do not hold to the "Deaconate as being part of the priesthood, but look at it as a missionary ministry to others. The writings of the Early Church Fathers writings reported the ordination of women as deaconesses by the Apostles themselves, so we follow their example


14.On the two major moral issues that Churches of today are faced, our Church does not accept, approve or support abortion and holding fast and true to God’s teaching in the Bible we do not approve or support gay-lesbian life style or marriages, but we pass no judgment on them. Repented women who had an abortion can receive forgiveness for this sin from our bishops and priests.

15. We hold to the tradition and practices of praying to the saint and asking them to pray for us to the Father. We are silent on these two theological concepts on purgatory and Limbo.

16. Finally, theological concepts, doctrines, dogma, and ideology is the cause of Church separation among all Christian Church and has nothing to do with salvation. We hold only to the Nicene Creed as our statement of faith and each Church member and clergy may believe in whatever they so choose. Our Church focuses on spreading God’s goodness and love and the securing of each person individual salvation in the Lord. Our bishops and priests are permitted to do independent theological research, but nothing can change what God had already established; such as, all male priesthood, the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God, the established Holy Sacraments, the Nicene Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the structure and sanctuary of the Church, ancient rites of the Church, etc.