Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Pain & Suffering


     We live in the world full of pain and suffering past down to each generation since the time in the Garden of Eden, when our first parents, Adam & Eve, became disobedient to God command and ate from the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge “And the Lord God commanded the man, says, of every tree of the garden thou mayest eat freely eat; But of the three of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:16-17) KJV.  There eyes where open and learn the truth about good and evil and had their first taste of evil and became ashamed and afraid of what they have done. This way Sin enters the world so that all living things are now bound to experience pain and suffering.


Hope is given:


      God still loved Adam and Eve, and as God commanded them to leave the Garden of Paradise God left with them, He did not a banded them. Then God gave the human race the hope of returning to the family of God and once again obtain the full state of Grace our first parents had in Paradise.


“And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life. And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her send; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Gen. 3:14-15 KJV


     God here gives His prophecy of the birth of His son Jesus and how, through his victory over death, while crushing Satan head; and those people who accept Jesus as their Lord and savor and are baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity, shall be saved (Matthew 28: 19-20). All of heaven and the universe knew of how much God loved mankind for He gave man His own image and likeness. The fall of man was not only for the learning of man about evil but for the whole universe to see the true evil of Satan  so that the Angel themselves will have full understanding of Evil, of Truth, and of the Love God has for them as well as for Mankind.


New Jerusalem:


     God promise of a new world once evil has its final destruction and the universe is forever safe, God will create a New Jerusalem and it will descend upon the earth And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.Revelation 21:2 a new holy city from which God will descend to the earth and God will govern the universe


God Promise:


     “And God shall wipe away al tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Revelation 21:4


     Until God’s day when New Jerusalem will come we must feel the pain and suffer the displeasure of this world, but God gives us the strength to bear our pain and suffering. Through the Century God has revealed ways in which we can bear our pain and how to release it from our soul so we don’t have to experience its suffering for ever.


Release your pain:


     We can over come our pain, suffering and grieving through the power of forgiveness and by sharing your pain with God and with others.  


  1. Forgiveness: Start by forgiving your self as the cause of your pain, then ask God for forgiveness, and then ask forgiveness from the person or group of people whom you have done wrong to. Forgiveness is the first step in healing the human soul.

  2.      The same thing on the other side of pain, if someone did you wrong than you must forgive them if you are to heal your self and release your anger and pain. If you don't forgive them then your pain will continue to fester and you will find no peace, now your pain will continue because you will not forgive.

     When you forgive those who have hurt you, who cheated you, who did evil against you, you are showing everyone around you and the world your great love you have for God and that is the greats gift you can give to God and to yourself. When you practice the gift of forgiveness you are reflecting the image of God that comes from your inner soul. 


  1. Share your pain:  Go to your priest and share with him your sins, your wrong doings, and your pain and ask for forgiveness. Share your pain with your family or closes friends that they may help you in your pain through there understanding, compassion and love. Human being need to share their pain in order to receive peace of mind. Psychologist has known for sometime now how sharing helps over come your mental problems, and earn a living by helping people. God faithful people go to their parish priest and receive the same help but more, they receive God forgiveness, love and blessing, and it’s all free.


Note: You have to Cry both men and women; let it out and hold not back the pain, release it though crying. To cry is to open up your heart so that it can release its pain.  For it will fester within you creating such twisted hate and anger, sorrow and pain if you do not release it. 


  1. God Image: Within us all we hold the image of God (Gen 1:28) and we can reflect His image during times of prayer and as we focus our attention on Him we can pause for a moment, and with your eyes closed and focusing your mind on seeing the image of pain in the form of dark smoke leave your body coming out of your solar plexus, located just below the heart, coming out of your body and going up wards to heaven for God to eliminate, then when finished return your focus upon Jesus and give thanks to him.  


     I have personally used the above method and received great help and the ease of my pain, I have taught this method to others and they also received help and ease of pain. Try it and see.