Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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     So that you may understand the true meaning of this word and not be tricked into believe it’s a woman rights issue.


The True meaning:


It is my right as a woman to decide what I will do with my body even to the point of murdering my unborn child.


It’s my right to hate my unborn child and flush it away from my body.


It’s my right to have fun and not bear the responsibility of my actions.


It’s my right to kill my unborn child to pay for my mistake and for my time of pleasure.


It is my right not to believe in God, thus giving me the right to flush my unborn child down the toilet.


It is my right to act out of ignorance and kill my unborn child so I may be protected from God Judgment.


It is my right to deny my parents their right to love their grandchild.


Definition: Unborn Child


     An unborn child is a human being not yet born and is under the protection of its mother. I do not hold to the various names of stages of pregnancy in order to debate the issue if the unborn child is living. The monument the woman egg is fertilized by a man sperm it has become a living human being, because at that point with the help of the mothers body, it consumes nutriment, it breathes oxygen, it eliminates waste, it lives, its alive, and its human. 




     An unborn child has no other rights but one, the right to life, to be born. Only a woman who does not be in God or believes that God has no authority over her; will committee murder of her unborn child to preserve her rights as a living human being.


Unselfish Love:


    I think of the millions of brave women in human history who have given up their own personal life so their unborn child may be born, live, and grow. Her unselfish love for her child right to life is the greatest sacrifice a woman can give to her unborn child.