Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Proud to be Catholic


As I write this article, I want you to know that I am 63 years old, still a young man and I count my blessing everyday because no matter what my life has become, it could have been much worst. As archbishop of my Order I talk, debate, and discuss with many people on the internet around the world, some who are God faithful people, some are priests and others are my fellow bishops. It is important that I explain what I mean about being Catholic. I am not Roman Catholic, but I love them no less than I love my brothers of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I call myself Catholic because I hold true Apostolic Succession as a bishop of Jesus Christ and I am Catholic of the First Seven Ecumenical Councils; of the undivided Church at a time when the Church was “Whole” complete, and one. No Roman Catholics, no Eastern Orthodox, no Reformation Protestant Churches, only the one true Church.  


Note: This does not mean that I don’t recognize the great actions and love of certain Popes of Rome or what Mother Church has done for the world.  I call the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic as one the “Mother Church.” For they have both been with us since the beginning of the Church, Apostles, and Jesus Christ.


I have read and listen to many people, ministers and Protestant evangelist call the Catholic Church Whore , Satan Church, Harlot, Church of heresy, whore of Babylon, and as I listen (radio), read (books and emails), and watch (videos) these people I can see the great amount of hate these people have for God holy Church. Through their hate you can also see the pain they are expressing in every word they say; the misunderstanding they have of the Church, and the myths they believe to be true, and yet they know nothing of what the Church has done out of Love.


Let me tell you of what I know about Mother Church whom so many Protestants where never told or refused to hear and turn a blind eye to the facts that reveal the truth of God’s holy Church.


Three Popes during World War II


1. The pope in Rome, Pope Pius XII worked hard to save as many of the Jews he could, by putting the Church itself in danger with the Nazis and ordering all the Catholic Churches, convents and monasteries in the city, including the Vatican to give shelter, food and sanctuary to as many Jews as they can, since the Vatican was given neutrality by all armies. Priests and nuns were at risk of being killed for what they were doing.


2. Archbishop Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli while stationed in Turkey during the war helped save 647 Jewish Children age 6 to 14 from being transported to Nazis concentration camps to be executed. During this time archbishop Roncalli brother Alfredo was close to death and asking for him, and he would not leave turkey until he knew these Jewish children were safe. After the war he was elected in 1958 as Pope John XXIII, who intervened between President Kennedy of the United States and Nikita Khrushchey of The Soviet Union (Russia) and helped prevent a possible nuclear war in 1962. When news reached Pope John that the Russian ships are withdrawing from Cuba, everyone praised the Pope for his intervention to help divert a nuclear war and Pope John said "It was not me, it was a divine miracle, by divine will of God."

On April 11, 1963 Pope John XXIII encyclical titled "Pacem in Terris" translated "Peace on Earth" was addressed to the whole world Catholic, Protestants and Atheistic and received by the world with love and respect and called Pope John XXIII the Pope of Peace. Everyone should read it. Two months later he died and it has been said that this encyclical was his Easter gift to the World. 


3. Karol Józef Wojtyła, a polish worker who during the war saw the evil and hoarier of war joined the seminary and later in 1978 became Pope John Paul II. During Nazis occupation of Poland, Karl Wojtyła was involved in getting Jewish families out of the city so they would not get sent to the concentration camps to be executed, because they where Jews, people of the same yet different faith. After World War II he was elected Pope and was very instrumental in helping to bring down the iron curtain and the collapse of communism in Russia.


Note: Do you know of any true story of Protestants helping Jews get away from the Nazis?  Lets face really, the Catholic church has done so much for the world. 


Pope John Paul II wrote a book titled “Crossing the threshold of hope” which he received one million dollars in royalty and never took one Penney and donated it all to feed the poor. What Protestant minister/author did the same?


Throughout History


The unfairness of it all is that people remember the negative things some of the spiritual leaders of the Church did and the evil they practiced, but no one ever talks about the positive side of the Church, what God holy Church contributed to our society. I will talk about those things that Protestant Church members are not told no matter what denomination they belong to.


1. The Holy Scriptures: The people of the Protestant Churches are not told that the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament from which they study from, that all 27 books of the New Testament was canonized by the Catholic Church; as the inspired word of God. In reality, Protestants use a Catholic approved Bible of the New Testament, from which their faith comes from. If it was not for the canonization of the New Testament by the Catholic Church, Protestants would not have a Bible to study from. The only difference is how the Protestant Bible scholars translate and interpret the Bible in their theology that separates them from the Catholic Church and from the other 2000 Protestants denominations. 


2. Christian Calendar: The calendar we use today was first created by Julius Cesar the emperor of Rome, and was put into use all over the known world and was called the Julian calendar. However, Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 made changes to the Julian calendar so that it may become more accurate because scientist of the day realized that after 1000 years the calendar was off by 10 days. This calendar is used today known as the western calendar designed by the Catholic Church and used by all Christian Churches both Catholic and Protestants.  The Catholic Church gave the Protestant their calendar.


3. Holy Feast Days: It was the Catholic Church that fixed the Holy Feast days such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter which the Protestant accept and use and worship on those days. Yes, no one really knows what day Christ was born on, but that is not important. What is important is that we honor, respect and worship Jesus birth so the Catholic Church established a day and the whole world accepted it and are used by both Catholic and Protestants Churches.


4. Day of Worship: In the beginning the Christian church was made of only Jews which worship God on the Sabbath day which is Saturday. As the Christian church spread to Antioch and other cities, Saturday was still used as the day of worship for God and Sunday was introduced in honor and respect of Christ resurrection day. Century’s later when the Christian Church became the accepted religion of Rome the Catholic Church changed the day of worship of God from Saturday to Sunday so as not to be mistaken as a church of the Jews. To this day we all worship on Sunday both Catholics and Protestants. So the Protestants worship God on Sunday, a Catholic worship day.


Note: Only the Seventh-day Adventist worship God on Saturday.


5. The Liturgical Calendar: Protestants go to Church every Sunday and they see a purple mantel hanging over the pulpit and/or communion table and other Sundays a green, than red etc. These are the liturgical colors used by the Catholic Church marking the season of worship such as lent, advent, ordinary time, and Pentecostal.


     Because the Protestants Churches accept, use, and practice the above truths it makes them one with us and they are truly our Christian brothers and sisters and take part in the “Unity in Christ.” I love my brothers of the Orthodox Faith, my brothers of Roman Catholic Faith and my brothers of the Protestant faith all have part in the “Unity in Christ.”  The Universal Church of Jesus Christ includes the Orthodox Churches, Roman Catholic Churches and most Protestants Churches.



Note: I am not Roman Catholic. I am part of the Catholic Church of the first thousand years before the great separation between the Eastern and Western Churches (Schism). I hold to the teachings of the First Seven great Ecumenical Councils.  

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