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Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Shameful Religious Leaders



     In our society the News Report are always reporting shameful and scandals acts of sin by our religious leaders, which help support the non-believers in their cause, proclaiming that Religion is bad, there is no God. I my research here I will relate to various facts of these sinful acts by our spiritual leaders. The Protestant always talk about the Catholic Priests sins on molesting Children and that is because the news media love reporting trash about the Catholic Church but fail to reports sins of Protestant minister equally.




*Over the last 40 years there has been much reported in the news media of Catholic priest who molested our children and blame celibacy as the root cause.


* Billy Graham grandson says there are more recorded Protestant ministers who have committed sex abuse than Catholic priest have. Chick on the link and read his report:


News Report:


*Evangelical Sex Abuse Record 'Worse' Than Catholic, Says Billy Graham's Grandson Boz Tchividijian: click on link below



News Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIHg7yFU3Wo


*Protestants Churches faces New Sex-Abuse Scandal as victims Defy threats, censorship to speak out> click on link below:



*Why Protestant sex scandals get less attention than Catholic ones - See more at: http://thechristians.com/?q=node/1188#sthash.VKlS2G2g.dpuf


*The Church Child Sex Abuse Scandal Widens and Deepens:



*Oral Roberts President Exits Amid Scandal




*People Magazine reports:  The Fall of Jimmy Swaggart (Evangelists)



*Jessica Hahn remembers Jim Bakker scandal:



*CNN News:5 virtuous figures caught pants down (Aimee McPherson, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Amrit Desai, and Paul R. Shnley):



*CNN News: Ted Haggard talks scared: Celebrity Wife Swap:



Homosexual experience: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/06/ted-haggard-sex-scandal_n_3875908.html


     To be fare in this article, there are sinful leaders in just about all denominations, suffering the same weakness all men and women have, the sine of immoral sex. Like the Protestant minster who has sex with another church members wife. There are times when weak people, both men and women cannot control themselves and fall into the sin of an immoral act of sex. It is now the time for all of us to do the following, 1. To keep our faith in God and to trust our priests and ministers, 2. To understand that they are men and need forgiveness as we all do. Because of these scandals all priests and ministers in the world must prove themselves to the people that you can trust them that they practice the moral laws of God.