Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Unity in Christ


     All Christian Churches have unity in Christ making them “One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Churches. The difficulty in understanding this unity in Christ is the ideology we have been indoctrinated with all our life that prevents us from thinking with a clear and open mind. We must set aside our pride, our ideals, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into the divine understanding of this subject.  “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Ps 133:1). Here is how it was explained to me as the thoughts appeared into my mind.

NOTE: It is God's will that we as Christian all come together in unity with each other, accepting each others as true brothers and sisters in Christ. WARNING: It is Satan wish, desire and goal to lead God's faithful people away from God, to bring confusion within God's Church and separation of Churches will help Satan in his cause; this is why unity is so important. 

     I am not talking about one world Christian Church, man's pride and ego will never let this happen. What I am talking about is a unity in which we all recognize each others as a true Christians and working together for a better world.

We are all One:

1.) All Christian Churches (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant) Churches are “One” because we all believe in and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and those who baptize their members in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; as described in Mathew 28:19 making them “One” in unity in Christ.

We are all united through the communion of faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


We are all Holy:

2.) All Christian Churches (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant) are “Holy” because they teach the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. They have been “Justified” by faith in baptism and are incorporated into Christ and are now brothers and sisters of the Lord. They offer up prayer and blessings, song of praise, and reading from the Holy Scripture in their worship service because they have unity in Christ. All independent Catholic Churches, reform Catholic Churches, Old Catholic Churches and all Protestant Churches are the children Churches of Mother Church


We are all Catholic:

3.) All Christian Churches (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant) are “Catholic” translated to mean “Universal” because they preach and teach the good news of the Gospel to the four corners of the earth “Where there is Christ, there is the Catholic Church” written by St. Ignatius 110 AD on his way to Rome to be killed at a time when there was only one true Christian Church, the Church of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and the Protestants reform Churches was not even in existence; only the one true Catholic Church of Christ.


We are all Apostolic:

4.) All Christian Churches (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant) are Apostolic because they have unity in Christ through the Holy Scriptures and through the acceptance of the Apostolic Father “Nicene Creed” which for two thousand years has been our statement of faith of the true Christian Church. Even though some Protestant Churches have changed some of the wording so not to appear to be Roman Catholic, which is silly, the meaning of the truth in the statement is still the same.


Note: The Nicene Creed was written by the Church Apostolic Fathers in a time when there was no separation of Churches; no domination, no reformation of Protestants Churches, only the one true ‘Christian Church of Jesus Christ, in order to refute early heresy.


     Even though the Protestants Churches have signs of being Apostolic in nature, and in faith and in practice and they have unity in Christ, however they do not have Apostolic Succession so they lack the fullness of God blessing and graces that Mother Church receives from the Holy Spirit and administer those blessings and graces through the seven holy sacraments. The Roman Catholic Church in unity with the Eastern Orthodox Churches  make up the one and holy true “Mother Church” and all other Christian Churches Protestants, and Independent Catholic; no matter how great or small, are her children Churches. There is no longer a contest as to who is right and correct, who has the true teachings, there is only unity in Christ Jesus our Lord. 


Worship & Theology


     How a Church or group of people decide on how to worship God in accordance to their understanding of love and worship, their worship is acceptable by God, because all moral worship of God is pleasing to God.Who are we to say what God will accept as worship.


     In matters of theology the only teaching that is of great importance to God is His plan of the salvation of His children, the human race. All other theology, ideas, concepts, teaching, doctrine, dogma, and commentaries is man great adventure in trying to understand God, His Mysteries of His creation and the spiritual life of His wisdom. The only true teaching that is most important to all Christians is “Salvation” and all other truth will be confirmed in Heaven with the Father at the appointed time.


     Some Churches worship God on Saturday others on Sunday. Some Churches believe that baptism is a sign of membership yet others believe it’s the washing away of original sin. Some churches believe that at the time of death you go to heaven or hell according to your deeds and the state of your grace, other churches believe we go into an unconscious state (sleep) until the day of resurrection. Some church believes in praying to the Saints, other Churches do not. Some believe in giving Mary the mother of our Lord, honor and respect by calling her Blessed Mother (Luke 1:48) , other churches do not, they think of her as just another woman, nothing special. To give her honor and respect is not a form of worship.


     All of the theology I just talked about above has nothing to do with salvation. To know which theology is correct will not get you into heaven. So just believe as Paul says, according to your “readiness of mind” and what you feel right and comfortable with but always make sure that you secure your salvation.  Salvation is an individual thing not a group thing. Going to a special Church or belonging to a certain denomination will not get you salvation. People of all Christian Churches will go to heaven on judgment day. Salvation means obtaining immortality, eternal life.

Grounds for Unity

1. All Christian Churches that accept the Nicene Creed as their statement of faith is an Apostolic Church and part of the Unity in Christ. “There is one body and one Spirit… one Lord. One faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all.” Eph. 4:4-6


2. In the unity in Christ, each Church recognizes each other Church, their Baptism and other Sacraments according to each Church practices. Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox, Old Catholic, Reform Catholic and Orthodox, and some Other Churches have seven Sacraments and many Protestants Churches have two, so be it. 

Note: if Protestant Churches do not wish to call their ordination a sacrament than all Protestant ordinations are not holy, for all sacraments are holy unto God; you either have a holy ordination as a sacrament or you have a human ordination event that is not holy, you can't have both.

3. Each Church, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Old Catholic, Reform Catholics and Orthodox, and all Other and Protestant Churches shall remain independent yet together in the unity in Christ that binds us to Jesus Christ and to each other. Each Church having the right to worship God according to what they feel comfortable with and according to their understanding and consciousness.   

Practicing True Love of God


*Spiritual understanding of the love of God, that true love leads to God and blesses all who comes near. An understanding that all humans are children of God, good and bad.


*Compassionate Forgiveness for all of God creatures, forgiveness to all people, Churches, and religious orders who have done us wrong.

Example: As Jesus hung on the Cross he ask his Father to forgive "For they know not what they do"  those who hated him, those who put him on the cross, and those who watch him die and did not believe in him.  This is the true love of God from which we can all learn from. 


*Open-mindedness to share God’s love with everyone and anyone. True brotherly love is open and freely given to members of other Churches outside of our faith, Church and Religious Order.

Four Steps to Salvation

     Now God offers salvation to all of mankind, a chance to be reunited with God and receive our proper place with Him in the kingdom of heaven. Here I list the steps that are required to have salvation.

1. Time of learning: about God through Jesus Christ, His commandments, about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Matt. 28:19. Once understood, it become a time of repentance and forsaking of your sinful life. Sin is more than a person breaking Gods laws, its your broken life, a broken heart, and a broken home within the structure of your life.

2. Time of accepting: Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, that means the Nicene Creed which is the full expression as your Statement of Faith.

3. Time to Be baptized: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and to be Chrismated (sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit) Matt. 28:19 and John 3:5 This becomes the act of sanctifying grace which is part of Salvation. Protestants are baptized but not sealed with the Holy Spirit. Remember what Jesus said "Less you be born of the water (baptism) and of the spirit (sealed with the Holy Spirit) you can not enter the Kingdom of heaven." John 3:5

Note: if the person is an infant then under the authority and protection of its parents the baby maybe baptized, upon the parents declaration of faith, this is a proxy baptism, just like Jesus death is a proxy for our death and our faith in him saves us; so the faith of the parents overshadows the baby and Christ baptism is overshadows the baby. 

. Time to show evidence:: To give up your old life of sin and practice your new life in Jesus Christ. (I Cor. 6:9-10). The good works you do will not save you only your faith in Jesus will save you; your works is a way of showing proof of your faith, it’s your evidence and testimonial of your faith in Jesus, so you live according to the teaching of Jesus. "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." James 2:26 This is the most miss-understood passage of the Bible by all Protestant Churches and theologians. In faith in Jesus Christ you are saved, but with faith follows the practices Jesus taught and that of good deeds, these works show God your faith but it also witnesses you faith and love for God to other people who are non-believers.

     Many of today Christian Churches teach that in order to be saved you have to accept their Church dogma or Church doctrine. These Churches teachings of God gift of salvation is incorrect and place hardship upon the people and they limit God grace, love and salvation. It’s a human weakness, to have authority over others people, where you have to go to them and accept their ideology (teaching) in order for you to obtain God salvation. Man always tries to monopolize, manipulate and control others for their own selfish ends and many Churches are affected with this sickness and don’t even know it. As for me, I have studied the scriptures since 1974 and know better. Just follow the outline I have listed above and you will have salvation.

We are open to any dialog of full communion and recognition, with other churches and those who wish to study for the priesthood, or those who have already been ordained and seek a home  with us into our Order as full priests and bishops.