Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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What’s wrong with the Church?


 In the dark ages ago the evils of the Church was politics, ambition, and ideology. Doctrine does not change much but ideology changes every hundred years or so, and these changes is what causes the results we see and experience. The last great battle between two ideologies that started in 1935 and continues until this day and that is Traditionalist versus Modernist in how the Church should be run. The door was open to the modernist with Pope John XXIII who is my favor pope, but John wanted change in free research and free thinking as to what priest should be allowed to read and talk about and debate in seminary schools. Pope John XXIII made Archbishop Antonio Montini cardinal who later was elected Pope Paul VI. He was a very strong modernist and position more modernist thinking cardinal and bishop in the Vatican. The modernist has held control of the church since then and some of the old ways was done away. That what we see the Church do is wrong is the results of the modernist works.


The first thing they changed was the Divine Liturgy. At Vatican Council II bishop voiced their needs and desire to pray the Divine Liturgy in the language of the Country it is being done, which there is nothing wrong with that, but what happen is that the modernist change the whole structure of the liturgy and in doing this lost the holiness of the Mass.   


Note: The biggest mistakes the Church did were change the rule for the clergy, forcing all bishops and priest to practice celibacy. This is not natural for God himself said “It in not right that man should live alone” Gen. 2:18-23. We know that all of the Apostles were married accept John and Paul; and that bishops and priests were permitted to marry for the first thousand years of the Church History until it was done away with. Only the Orthodox Churches still allow their priests to marry, but changed this rule for their bishops, but good news is today there is a strong movement to allow their bishops to marry again.


Evil crimes, violence, Hate and anger.


Religion has always place the teaching of good moral practices and the belief and fear (love) of God upon the conscience of man, which helped keep down the rate of crime. Since the sexual revolution of the 60’s where the young people rebelled against the war, the government and the Church resulted in these young people giving up their faith in God and the Church, and this resulted in their children growing up as atheist, and the good moral value we hold to be true and that we know works through thousands of years of experiences was now thrown out the window.  Since there are no moral rules to follow, man is free to do what he or she wants resulting in the increase in crimes.


Example: Look at Hitler who threw out Gods laws, and there was no higher authority than Hitler and the results 6 million people where executed and million of soldiers on both armies died. 


Note: because the misuse of justice or the crakes justice fall through, along with pay offs and corruptions in government I believe attract law enforcement officers to take upon themselves to punish the criminals, what we today call police abuse, brutality, and so forth; because subconsciously they think the criminals will slip through the crakes of justice and be set free to commit more crimes and killings.


The power of attraction:


Today, the Church attracts men who hold modern day thinking instead of the traditional thinking of the Church 150 years of ago full of spiritually and empathy of the Church. However, the Church 150 year ago suffered for the lack of compassion in their priests (not all priests) and suffers this problem even more in today world. Since the 70’s the Church have less men entering the seminary resulting in a shortage of priests, resulting over worked priests in large parishes.


Man Nature:


Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, the nature of man became corrupt and has grown more corrupt every century. It is prophecy that at the end of time, the world will become wicked more than it ever has, and then the Son of God will come to Judge the world (its people). We can not live without the moral laws and teaching of God and we must face the truth that we live in a moral universe and each person has to deal with it, accept it and practice it or reject it and live a life of sin; the result is eternal death of the soul.