Apostolic See of St. John  

Servant of Christ Jesus of the Catholic Faith

             His Eminence Archbishop-Primate +John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, D.D.

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Women in the Priesthood


     In today’s world we are face with the woman movement, the feminist groups who seek to change the world to their ideology and agenda; they strive for control and power and have no true interest in the general public. When they first started it was a good thing, equal pay for equal work, but now has gotten off the true path they originally started on. They now attack the Bible, God and the Church, seeking change to fit their selfish ends. These feminist want to change two thousand years of Church tradition and ordain women into the priesthood. If man can’t make God do what he wants what makes these women think they can change God. 


God Authority and Right:    


     It was God who established the priesthood and He calls those whom He has chosen. The Church does not call anyone to the priesthood but receive those whom God has chosen and called.

"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you." John 15:16

The Church did not establish the priesthood and cannot change or edit its nature, the Church only inherited what God had established, and God made it a male priesthood.


     The Lord our God established three types of priesthood 1.The Aaronain priesthood at the time of Moses, which Christ replaced 2.The Melchizedek priesthood, in the time of Abraham, which Christ fulfilled; just as Israel was not permitted to institute Priestess, so the Catholic Church is not allowed. No man or woman has the right to change what God had established.


Pagan Churches:



In man history all the nations of the earth had male and female gods and they had priest and priestess to serve them, but only Israel had male priest because they had only one male God. We all know that no one can chose or demand the priesthood, as Christ says in the Holy Scriptures “You have not chosen me it was I that had chosen you” (John 15:16 KJV), case closed, God chooses who he wants for the priesthood. Example:  For Israel, in the time of Moses God said “All priests had to come from the Sons of the tribe of Levi.” (Deut. 21:5). God did not say Daughters or sons from other tribes of Israel, God did not discriminate against women or the sons of the other tribes, only God will choose whom he will call to the priesthood. 

Only pagan religions have women priestesses and those Churches (Catholic, Orthodox, Old Catholic, Reform Catholic) who ordain women priest in their Church, they have become a Church of pagans who practice pagan ways, they are a pagan Church who are going against the established Order of things that God had commanded.

Jesus Christ High Priest:


    Christ established the new covenant of the priesthood in the New Testament and man had no say in the matter. Jesus Christ exercised his authority as God, and by his death on the cross purchased that right to set the conditions under which all sacraments including “Holy Order” are instituted and administered. The women who followed Christ during his ministry were a part of his ministry and did their part by administering to the disciples and the poor who also followed him. They were happy in doing what was accepted of them; they had no ambition or suffered no egotism but faithfully obeyed the will of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Feminist movement:  


Today feminist groups say the Christ bowed down to the practices and cultural traditions of his day which was deeply seeded in male chauvinist   prejudice. If Christ were to lower his standard to male chauvinist  practices this would be a denial of his incarnation, his divine Godhood; thus bringing down the very core of the Christian faith. These women who falsely accuse our Lord Jesus of sexism in order to achieve their personal desires, instead of accepting the will of God are women who suffer emotional and psychological problems. Because they are not happy being females but want to be like men. Yes, they say that they want to improve the quality and rights for women, but in reality if you analyze their life history you will find the root of their ambitions, and that is to be like a man. They can’t change their sex so they seek to be included in all male activities, including the priesthood.


     These groups not only attack the Church but God himself by coming out with their own Bible that removed God male gender by taking out all the “He’s” and “Him” that refer to God and changing the Holy Scriptures to read how they want it to read, making a mockery of God authority and existence.




The connection between God and the priesthood and the denial of women in the priesthood revolve around God himself. In the ancient world only Judaism and Christianity had male priests. Let me explain, all the other religions of the world had male and female gods and goddesses, thereby having a need for priest and priestess as part of their religion. This is because their belief centered on their gods as being part of Nature like Zeus and others believe their gods to be made up as Nature like Braham; giving it a negative female quality and having the name of “Mother Earth or “Mother Nature” Thus having priestess serving them. But the God of Judaism and Christianity is separate from Nature and the Universe and exist as an outside Supreme Being that created all that we know. It is proper to perceive God as a positive symbol and male. As Mother Earth or Mother Nature cannot create or give birth without the male positive injection of God. As man cannot give birth because he is not female, so females cannot be part of the priesthood because she is not male. We all have to accept what we are and accept our station in life.


Note: When I talk about the Catholic Church I am talking about the great universal Church that includes Orthodoxy, Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, and many others. 


Holy Scriptures:



There is no scripture evidence in the New Testament or in the life of the early Church that there were woman ordained as priests. In the writings of the Didache it does talk about women being made as deaconess so they can minister to the abused women of their day.  Let us all remember that ideology does not judge the Church, the Church judge’s ideology. We as members of the Catholic Church are to place our trust in Mother Church, her teachings, her traditions, and her spiritual guidance. The Church has said “NO” to women ordination from the time of the Apostles through 2000 years of Church history and today repeats itself “NO” case close the Church has spoken, authoritatively, open and clearly and publicly.

     I remember the old days when the church makes a decision its member trusted and supported the church in its spiritual guidance. Today many people question the Church because they have lost their faith. Trust and faith is accepting and believing without facts, proof or evidence but know and understand that it is for the common good of all its members that the Church holds to the truth of its teachings.

Jesus Ministry:


Jesus, after his baptism went into the wilderness to fast and pray 40 days and when he came out of the wilderness he went and chose 12 men to become his disciples to train and prepare them for a ministry they will fulfill after he returns to his Father in heaven. Jesus had many women follow him but he chose 12 men to be his disciples, not women, and the apostles started and build what God had establish a male priesthood. It had been a male priesthood for over two thousand years and continues as such without change; for the Church has no authority to allow women into the priesthood.

The Lord Supper:

     It was the time of the Passover and Jesus and his twelve disciples were with him and he made a new covenant of the holy Eucharist and salvation for all. There were no women chosen by Jesus to sit in and hear of the new covenant and take part in the very first Holy Eucharist. Jesus, himself being God, had chosen men for the priesthood. 


Vacant Position:


On the day Jesus was crucified, the disciple that had betrayed him named Judas killed himself for the act he committed against the Son of God. Now a vacancy now existed and had to be filled to return the priesthood to twelve apostles again. The man called Matthias was elected, not a woman but another man was chosen by God through the process of his calling two men to come forth and they elected Matthias. This is another sign that the Christian priesthood established by God is a male priesthood. (Acts 1:20-26 KJV.

The Upper Room:



In the upper room on the day of Pentecost they were all gathered, the same twelve men that were with Jesus at the Passover and celebrated the very first Holy Eucharist not gather together on Pentecost day “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit…” Acts 2:1-4 KJV.  Again twelve men received the Holy Spirit and upon them appeared clove of tongues of fire. There was no woman that had tongues of fire upon them. Again God has chosen men not women for the priesthood.

Apostolic Succession:

     In been several decades since Jesus returned to his Father in Heaven and his appointed apostles were given the authority and power of the Holy Spirit and after Pentecost went out and established Church through the known Roman Empire. Before each apostles were put to death successor were chosen according to what God had established and men were chosen and called bishops to become overseer of that Christian Church in that city. As the tradition continued as it was established only men were chosen.

First Century Church Fathers:

The writings of the early church father were written by men, writing such as “First and Second Clemens” and “Justin the Martyr” the “Dedicate” “Hermes the Sheppard” and Bishop Polycarp, and St. Ignatius and others who studied under the Apostles Peter and John. Some of the early church fathers became bishops and appointed men to be bishops after their death. Women were not chosen for the priesthood; for they had their own duty and station within the Church and was happy in what was entrusted to them. From the time of the early church father up to today two thousand years later we still have only men in the priesthood. 

 Clement of Rome:

Within the first century Church leaders in the city of Corinthian   disposed (cast out) the appointed bishops and place themselves in the seat of authority. Now clement bishop of Rome writes in his letter that they did wrong and list in 59 chapter examples from the Old Testament how only God chooses those men whom he wants as bishop and the bishops you disposed are God chosen bishop having apostolic succession from the Apostles. They repented their ways and restored those former men in their rightful place as bishops of Corinthian.  What Clement of Rome was saying is that only God chosen whom he wants to call to his service, and God has not given the Church any authority to choose men for the service of God only God has that authority since it is His Church He runs it His way. So this is another reason why women are not ordained into the priesthood, the Church has no authority; and God chose only men in the Old Testament Priesthood and in the New Testament his12 Apostles.  Read I Clements of Rome, its on the internet.  


Final Note:

Those bishops who go against God's established Order for the priesthood and ordain women, loses all authority of the Holy Spirit in doing so making the ordination in valid, and all the sacraments that woman performs will not be valid which mean sins she forgive will not be forgiven, holy communion with not have the real present of Christ in the bread and wine, and so on etc. God will withdraw his Holy Spirit from his Bishop and make the ordination invalid.

It is important to know is that no priest has the authority to ordain women, if he does so, it is not valid.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I can go around telling everyone I am the president of the United States, but in reality it does not make it so. These so called ordained women can call themselves priest, wear the vestments, say the prayers and be as humble as they can be, it still does not make them priest because they have not truly received the divine authority from God himself which works through the hands of his bishops who are obedient to his will. Bishops and priests who go against the will of God loses all divine authority to act as God representative in the matter of ordination.